net p■rofit up 2◆8 percent in 20170○3-30-2018 17◆:21 BJTThe strong p●rofit growth, compa■red with 0.4 per●cent

ding 8◆9.7 billion yuan ○last year."◆We still face ●grave technological 〓challenges," said Hu〓 Houkun, Hu○awei's rotating c○hairman. He○ said the com○pany is good at in○novating pro

umer and ●enterpr

〓ducts, but needs ca●tch up in te●rms of fundamental■ technology, ●such as art○ificial int

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e◆lligence, virt◆ual and augmented re●ality.The domest〓ic market, a〓s well as 〓markets in ○Asia-Pacific◆, the Middle East, a○nd Europe are exp●ected to drive g〓rowth for th○e company in● the future, Hu sai●d.In response to○ a reporter○'s question, ○Hu said that○ the company re◆cently experienc◆ed difficulties ◆in the U.

S. marke●t, which has● prompted it to "wo○rk harder i○n other markets."Ne●ws reports

ved ma○nagement, said

sai●d in January that● Huawei's plan■ned deal with U.S.■ telecom car●rier AT&○T to sel

l its ○smartphones in the U●nited States suffer●ed a setback. Chi〓na's commerce mi〓nistry voiced oppo●sition to trade pr○otectionism o●ver the incident.H●eadquartered in ◆the south China● city of Shenzhen,◆ privately-■owned Huawei is a ◆world-leading te■lecom soluti〓on provider and als◆o the world's third○-largest smartphone○ brand, behi●nd Apple and● Samsung.Please scan■ the QR Code to foll◆ow us on Instagra○mPlease scan the ○QR Code to follow u◆s on WechatHuawei ey○es bigger s■lice of high-end● pieHuawei○ eyes bigger sl●ice of high-end pieH〓uawei eyes bigger ●slice of hig■h-end pie03-29-○2018 09:07 B◆JTSmartphone v●endor Huaw

ei Te◆chnologies Co Ltd un◆veiled its lat●est smartp●hones in Paris on T●uesday, in a new pu◆sh to grab mark○et share fr●om Apple Inc and Sa○msung Electronics ●Co in Euro●pe."Western Europe ●is of great stra■tegic signific〓ance to Huawei, esp○ecially as the comp◆any encounter■s bottlenecks 〓in the US. It i◆s adjusting i■ts strategies 〓toward the high-end● smartphone s●egment in Europ●e to gain a greate〓r market share■," said Ji●a Mo, senior anal◆yst at market resea○rch firm Canalys.Hu◆awei's P20 premium ■version, the P20 ●Pro, comes wit

h a〓 triple Le●ica camera w◆hich is reg■arded as the bes●t camera among● existing ha

percentag○e p

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oints highe◆r

ndsets, ■an upgrade in cle●ar response to th■e recent unveiling o○f the Samsung Gala○xy S9 in Barcel●ona."We will not ○stop in our effort●s to explore the i◆ntegration◆ o

than in 20?/h2>

f techno●logy into smartpho◆ne photography," ●said Yu Chen■gdong, CEO of 〓Huawei's consum〓er business■ group.The P20 Pr●o is embed●ded with better sens■ors and AI techno〓logies so t●hat customers can○ take photo■s even when it is da●rk and can captu●re what the company 〓claims are "incred〓ible" details at a〓 distanc



e."These ○breakthroughs reve〓al Huawei's ■strong ambit◆ion to take on its r●ivals in the Europe〓an market, ◆where they have◆ gained some ◆momentum," said ■Jia.Hua

wei'○s smartphone shipm○ents in Europe grew○ more than 50 perc〓ent in the fir〓st half of 2017 and ●it now ships more◆ phones than S○

amsung or Apple in I■taly and Spain锛峵〓wo major smartphone ●markets."Howev○er, it still ha■s some ga

ps with ■Apple and Samsu○ng in Weste●

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